Together with Florentin Walter (@florentin) I (Tobias Möritz / @tobimori) worked on a relaunch of the optimise-it website. I was responsible for most of the development while Florentin made most of the design work.

They're a German company based in Hamburg, since 2002 they're offering a live chat software (as a service). They became part of STRÖER (Dialog Group) in 2018 and are working together with popular businesses in the DACH area such as Tiroler Versicherung, ARAG SE, Degussa Bank and more.

A huge part of the site relies on the new blocks field and a lot of custom blocks.

Overview of site

We've tried to make it easy for the client to update the site, content and its flow after our work was done while still relying on the advantages of working with structured content vs. a page builder like Webflow.

Panel view with Blocks editor

Testimonial block with inline editing

Career page with realised content

"Why optimise-it?" block with inline editing

More generic pages like the Use Case pages or our customers' blog (although articles were still using blocks for the content) were made with the known structured content setups of Kirby.

Use Case Panel Setup

Use Case Overview page

Use Case subpage

Another notable feature is the kinda multi-lang setup:

On its first visit the user can select if they want to be referred to with the formal "Sie" or the informal "Du". This leverages Kirby's built-in multi-language feature, but with a twist. Instead of using slugs, the language is stored in a cookie that's accessed by Kirby's routing feature which then serves the page in the appropriate language variant.

Discover it yourself:

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Das Schweizer Taschenmesser unter den Chat-Lösungen