At The Knowledge Society (TKS), we are committed to making our program accessible to curious and ambitious young people, regardless of their financial situation. In 2022, we provided $1,500,000 in financial aid to our students from over 62 cities worldwide.

Financial aid is typically provided to families for the following reasons:

<aside> ✅ Students apply for financial aid after being accepted into the program. We do this to provide a needs-blind experience throughout our application process so every student can go through the process equally.



How It Works

Our Financial Aid Team assesses the application based on a scoring rubric that ensures that the applications are reviewed fairly across all students applying for financial aid. Funds are limited and granted on a rolling basis. Access to financial support is more likely for students who apply earlier to join TKS.

Required Documents

Once a student is accepted into TKS, parents or guardians will be asked to submit the following information: