Activate is a 10 month global, human accelerator for the most ambitious and curious teens to start solving the world's biggest problems. This is a demo day of the top projects from the year.

Spotlight presentations

  1. Zayn is developing a scalable augmented reality education platform for 5-10 year olds who are illiterate.
  2. Ashley is building a low cost vitamin B12 micro-fluidic biosensor for global development to end deficiencies
  3. Sriya is working to get 100,000 Ukrainian refugees employed through automated credentialing, language training and job matching so they can start earning in their new living situations
  4. Ahmed is researching more efficient ways to capture carbon with algae
  5. Simran is focusing on drug repurposing mechanisms for developing a non hormonal male birth control pill
  6. Karthik is exploring ways to improve biofuel efficiency in the fermentation process using synthetic purine riboswitches in bacteria
  7. Aneka is building machine learning models to find better membrane materials for flow batteries to decarbonize the grid.
  8. Aryan is testing no code smart contract investment infrastructure in web3 space.

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