If you are a creator with a loyal community (even if it's small), Titanss is a great opportunity to get paid with "no stress" for doing what you love: creating great content.

And finally, content optimized for quality and not virality.

🤔 How it works

💰 You make money in 2 different ways:

  1. Creator Pool: every week, we allocate 75% of our revenue to the creator pool, distributed based on the number of minutes watched in your videos every month. Ex. in January our total creator pool is $1,000,000 and the total minutes watched on the platform are 250,000. Your videos accounted for 2,500 minutes, 1% of the total. So you get $10,000 from the creator pool in January.
  2. Referral program: You get the 20% of all transactions of every user you refer to the platform for 12 months. Every link you have in your dashboard (your public Show page, every video link, etc.) it's a tracked link. So if anybody joins the platform thanks to you, you earn a recurring commission. Ex. You upload your first video and invite your community to watch it for free (every new user gets a free trial period of 14 days). 2000 users join, and at the end of the 14 days, 500 of them renew for 12 months. You make 500 x $9.99 x 20% commission x 12 months = $11,988 from the affiliate program.

🤩 No stress

What's cool about Titanss is that users get access to all the content. So unlike other classic patronage tools, you don't feel pressure because you are charging your users. In fact, we are! You don't need to worry about anything. Just create good content and communicate it to your community. If there's something wrong, it's our problem, not yours!

🔓 Invite only

Since Titanss is designed to give creators a high payout per minute watched (which can sometimes be really high), it could attract many spammers and people who want to "take" as much as possible without adding any value.

So while everybody can join Titanss to watch, to keep a high average payout to every creator on the platform, not everybody can upload content and make money on Titanss. You have to be approved by the existing community of creators first.

Every creator can approve a very limited quantity of new creators on the platform.