The vision

<aside> ⭐ Empowering people to live their dream


The mission

<aside> 💪 We help people who are looking for changes in their lives, who wish to meet people who share their dreams, and who strive to experience things that make them feel fully alive again


The Core-Values

<aside> 💛 >> Trust - You will start with a 100% trust tank.

Honesty - Honest feedback at all times, without hurting feelings. Learning - If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. Risk Taking - You can't get anywhere in life without taking risks Vulnerability - You can’t get to courage without rumbling with vulnerability, embrace the suck. Freedom - The greater your freedom, the greater your responsibility Candor - Only say about someone what you will say to their face


The product

<aside> 📱 We have created a mobile app for people to connect based on their values and their true dreams


The location

<aside> 🌴 We are a fully remote start-up. Our team works from Lisbon, Paris, Los Angeles & Oaxaca



For the past year, we have been working toward on goal: helping as many people as possible wake up and live their dreams

The global pandemic we just went through made us realize that life is short and that some things really matter to us. At Timeleft, we felt a global and sustainable need for change in people's lives.

We have already received thousands of dreams from all over the world, illustrating how we all have these dreams - finding a meaningful job, travelling across a country on horseback or simply learning how to draw - buried deep inside. People are not only looking to make those dreams come true but they also want someone to share their dreams with.

Timeleft is a startup backed by top tier consumer and tech VCs (Paris / New York / Lisbon). All our positions are remote, with the possibility to co-work with our teams split across Paris, Lisbon, Oaxaca and Los Angeles.

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Timeleft : 17 bonnes raisons de devenir une start-up 100% remote


We are already distributed in 4 time zones around the world. We have defined the Lisbon time zone as the central time zone for our communication. We all meet every 6 weeks somewhere in the world, to have a good time together, get to know each other and create a bond around a common dream.