Founder - Monique Nunnally.

UX Designers - Eric Palm, Tien-Tien Cheng

Logo + Visual Designer - Erica Hines


How we placed at the end of the hackathon!

🥇 First Place Overall

🥇 Best Prototype

🥇 Best Logo

🥇 Best Landing Page


TeachX is a mobile app that connects teachers and thought leaders in a variety of fields and disciplines. The app allows teachers to bring about different experiences and opportunities they can offer their students.

Goodie Nation #HackTheViolence

The Goodie Nation Hack wasn’t my first hackathon, but it was an experience where I delved deep into the digital experience of a platform in a short amount of time. On a Friday evening, I joined the Bizzie Teacher Helpers App led by our fearless and founder leader Monique Nunnally. I was joined by more other hack goers Erica Hines (Logo & Graphic Designer) and Eric Palm (UX Designer).

Problem, Idea, Research

We were presented with a mobile app that aims to help teachers connect with others in the community. Similar to ideas like Task Rabbit, these “helpers” would assist teachers with day-to-day teacher needs, or they could be thought leaders who can help create exciting new experiences for their students. One of the things our founder noticed was a lack of help for teachers when dealing with students who have behavioral problems, specifically in underrepresented schools (Tier 1 schools). The goal of this app would allow teachers to have their students connect with their community and potentially channel that energy into more favorable opportunities.

Flows | Teacher + Helpers