In 2020, CallRail released a new version of their Lead Center product. It's a lead management platform that funnels in all interaction types; calls, text, chat and forms (for now).

Problem Space

Lead Center is more than just a phone platform. Multiple agents are online interacting with customers through a variety of interactions. The teams feature was included quickly after and it became apparent, that being able to see some type of overview of what's happening in Lead Center was needed.

The goal was to design a view that would let admins and managers see the general health of the interaction funnels and how agents are performing. Building a dashboard is an expensive endeavor, but it seems to be a necessary one. The hesitation was that the initial idea of this dashboard may not be surfacing the necessary information. The other sentiment was to bring a little more excitement/purpose to view vs. what you would see in a general dashboard.



Research and Validation

We spoke with our VP of Customer Experience and a Sales Manager. We wanted their feedback whether or not the current metrics surface in this dashboard view would be beneficial. We also learned more about how their teams function to understand how a dashboard view would play into their workflows.

Main Points

Narrowing the Path

Small adjustments were made to the initial dashboard design (i.e. metric reordering, UI enhancements), while another concept was developed.

A few iterations on the adjustments to the initial design:



Based on our validation insights, we were on began thinking workflows with agents and sales representatives, which is what led to a different concept of an "Agent Overview". Working through a variety of iterations, we landed a concept that explores a more holistic view of Teams and All Agent Status'. It also follows similar patterns Lead Center 2 has established. In hopes to surface more transparency, the navigation in the Lead Inbox, allows for a quick back and forth between the the 2 views.