It took a lot of time and ways to find out the best way to journal all my learning.

There is a slight hope that these technical writings could help someone somewhere, but above that, it helps me strengthen my understanding when I try to explain or recall this.

Mostly my work and learning are on Machine Learning algorithms ([Machine Learning](<>) posts table is that) and Mathematics ([Mathematics](<>) posts table) behind them.

So, the posts could revolve around them.

At some places where I need to use other posts’ content, I will be using links; Notion serves a great purpose in doing all these tasks with so much ease.

Best way to read.

Most of the posts are independent. Pick any topic and proceed; I'll be linking to my articles or supporting arguments for any dependencies or proof required.

Each post is provided with references at the bottom from where it has been developed.

Sometimes in the posts, I will write with red text, which I want to dig deep to digest. Probably you too can think of and answer those things to yourself.

Yellow text to add some more material for this understanding.

Also added colours like blue and purple and sometimes changed in background text colour. This is just to make it stand apart or highlight the important points.

There are toggle blocks that give more explanation on that discussion when expanded. Kept in toggle, so it doesn't disturb/deviate from the main topic.