🔍 The challenge

Moving from a data lake strategy to cloud and implementing a cloud-native and democratized data hub that enables BMW to shift its DevOps efforts to the differentiating application layer.

💡 The solution

Supporting AWS cloud adoption by building an end-to-end data-driven use case delivering a smart and holistic customer experience that serves as a boilerplate moving forward.

✨ Why it mattered

BMW was able to showcase the capabilities of a cloud-based infrastructure to fuel data-driven use cases that deliver superior user experiences, allowing them to double down on their cloud-native strategy.

🎤 Testimonial

“Think-it not only delivers a great product, but also lets me manage my tech needs on a flexible basis. I like that the team has worked together before and knows everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. I literally got a full-functioning team from the ground up within a week – something that’s impossible to accomplish with traditional hiring.”

We achieved everything we wanted to achieve with this initiative. The Think-it team is young, but has a real sense of ownership — their proactive communication and suggestions for improvement helped evolve our system to a production-state quickly. From both a technical and collaboration perspective, they showed they were really invested in bringing a superior system to life. Working with our Think-it team was a refreshing experience compared to other traditional service providers.

— Martin, Product Owner