"I remember being younger, heading into a wine merchant and feeling embarrassed by the fact I was looking at price first. I felt intimidated and refused advice. The same happened for years in restaurants when selecting wine." - Josh Lachkovic, founder of Wine List.

Our vision? A world where wine lovers are no longer intimidated or embarrassed with wine.

Wine is the UK's most popular alcoholic drink, but for most people there are still barriers surrounding it. Knowledge is held by the 0.5% and we are aiming to end that.

Our mission is to give confidence to wine lovers. We do this through three things:

  1. Provide access to knowledge: no-nonsense, concise lessons that are fun and engaging
  2. Share wines from around the world showcasing lesser-known grapes, regions, and styles
  3. Create a community of wine lovers who are all on the same journey to learn together

Wine List is right at the start of its journey. We sent out our first box of wine in August 2019. And hired the first employee in March 2020. You will be joining at a critical time within the startup's journey.

Wine List suits smart, self-starters who are ambitious and motivated by working in a wine startup.

Every employee receives options so that we all grow together.

Key info

🏢Office: Camberwell, London

🌐Web: thewinelist.net

👪Team size: 6

🍷Dozens of wine perks

Current vacancies

Full-stack engineer

Customer Experience Associate

Content & Social Editor (Kickstart Scheme)

Values ❤️