Intro to Up!

Up! is a new Coaching Programme for scaling businesses that has been developed by Upside and Collective. The aim of the programme within Upside is to enable the progressive development of all staff through committed external coaching.

Up!: The Finer Details

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One for all and all for one

We are building Up! in public in order to enable other organisations and individuals to access the approach and methodologies so that they can deploy them in their organisation. People outside of Upside can also contribute to its ongoing iteration through the following:

<aside> 💡 How to use this microsite This microsite is intended for anyone to follow and collaborate on our launch and progress of the Up! Coaching program. The group believe that this is a forward-thinking program and will use it to test out interesting, helpful tools and methods of coaching to help each other grow. Have a look at what the program means to the coaching and founding team. Once you have done this let us know what you think by clicking edit and then on the feedback cards to give us your thoughts!


<aside> 💡 Up! Principles

  1. Only contribute to this open forum what you are happy to share with a wide audience
  2. Represent Upside and Upside Behaviours
  3. Share feedback with the coaching council
  4. Share tools and methods that you think add value to this program


Guide for submitting feedback

<aside> 🆙 Have a look at what the founding team think about Up! and what it means to them


Thoughts from the Coaches and Setup Team

<aside> 💬 Area for anyone to enter their feedback or reflections


Your Feedback and Reflections

DISCLAIMER: all participants have agreed that they want to make this programme as open and accessible as possible. However, in certain instances, personally identifiable information may have been removed in order to respect a certain level of confidentiality. References to clients and Upside business may have also been removed.