Instead of tracking every single SMART goal (my 2020 approach) by category, rationale, accountability, and progress - clearly an unsustainable strategy - I have built these five pillars that will act as guiding/anchoring principles, to check in on a monthly and quarterly basis:

Phase 1: personal Proof of Stake model

Phase 1: personal Proof of Stake model

  1. Embracing spirituality: Setting "spiritual health" as the key cornerstone of everything I do, which specifically leverages my manifesto to ground my values and belief system. This will involve looking to Stoicism ("Daily Stoic" - Ryan Holiday), Zen Buddhism, and Taoism ("Tao of Pooh" - Benjamin Hoff), and Mindfulness Philosophy ("The Untethered Soul" - Michael Singer).
  2. [Present] Practicing essentialism: Only allowing and enabling activities and opportunities that truly align to my purpose/spiritual vision, through a "fuck yes" lens. This will also involve asking key questions such as: "Am I still being challenged? Am I still learning? Am I having fun?"
  3. [Present] Re-balancing routines: Habit forming and daily life integration are core to this principle, prioritizing aspects of physical health through adequate sleep, balanced diet, consistent exercise, meditation practice, leisure reading, etc. The crux here is building positive feedback loops and allowing for mass spillover and scalability to daily life.
  4. [Future] Working in public: Being more open to putting my contributions out there, and embodying the creation > consumption principle (give:take ratio). This is geared towards future-proofing both my personal (network building) and professional (career pivoting) sides, which is anchored around another core idea of engineered serendipity.
  5. [Future] Blending skill and impact: In terms of broad-based and sustainable impact through my work, I'm working towards achieving a constant equilibrium between dedicated time to just "learn" and integrate, while also giving room to "build" and execute on larger-scale passion projects with a curated community of superstars.

Q1 Priority: Skill Building & Discovery

Q1 Skill Building

Q2 Priority: Brand Building & Search

Q3 Priority: Product Building & Close

Q3 Product Building

Q4 Priority: Community Building & Reflection

Q4 Community Building