To create a decentralized community of digital natives united by the common goals of:


  1. $SOS to be the “Top of the Mind” token for NFTs.
  2. Support emerging artists and their original work.
  3. Compensate verified scam victims on OpenSea with $SOS.
  4. Drive education in the space.


OpenDAO is born from a ground-up initiative by the web3 community, and these are our values:

Humane : Even though the very objective of our vision is to be decentralised and completely democratise metaverse users, we have not forgotten that we are all still human.  With that, we continue to acknowledge and uphold humane ethics in this decentralised model.  empirical8#2089. OpenDAO should participate with benevolence in the NFT and Cryptospace, seizing the daily opportunities to undertake action that empowers its vision through acts of generosity, kindness and respect toward the communities and users of the crypto-space.

Action: Execution oriented. OpenDAO treasury spending to be guided by objectives and key results (OKRs), key performance indicators (KPIs), accountability and transparency.

Education: Lack of proper education leads to speculation and short term thinking. With revenue, we can drive education in the NFT, art and crypto space.