NOTE: The GP-LP Matching Tool is currently being paused.

The GP-LP Matching Tool is a tool created by Josh and Lolita Taub that introduces underestimated and underrepresented emerging fund managers to LPs globally.

🙏🏽 We thank our community supporters: Beezer (Sapphire), Sara (Recast), Erin (Pivotal), Heran (Ilumen), Ed (First Close Partners / Lowenstein Sandler), Samir (Allocate), Sahil (Gumroad), Jessica (Hannah Grey), Soraya (TMV), Sophia (The Bridge Conference), Olga (Improve), Shayna (Supply Change), Leslie (Female Founders Alliance), Léoni (Kinetik), Cat (TVC), Kals (i2i), Ariana (Conscience), Kinga (Experior & European Women in VC), Eric (Hustle Fund), Mac (Rarebreed), David (Versatile), Rick (Equal), Maren (January), Melissa (The Community Fund), Claire (Magma), Pam (All Raise), Eva (Fika), Kelly (Finclusive), Gesche (Dreamers & Doers) and many more.


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