Many of the emotional challenges founders face are shared by other founders. But founders don't have a space where they can honestly and openly share what they're feeling - or where they can learn from the wisdom of each others' experiences.

Group Office Hours is a weekly, facilitated session where you can get support around your toughest emotional and interpersonal challenges.

Group Office Hours for YC Founders is every Friday at 9a PT.

🛎️ Register **here (one-time) so I can keep you updated about schedule changes.** 👉 Join the weekly Zoom here. 👈

****🧡 YC Founders Only 💁🏼‍♀️ Facilitated by Amy, The Founder Coach 📍Doors close at 9:03a SHARP so please join before then ****✏️ You're welcome to participate or just to listen. Video can be on or off. 📅 Calendar export to ical or gcal for ease.

Conversations are off-the-record and confidential. We keep each others’ secrets safe. 🤝

What can I talk about in group office hours?

🤐 We keep each others’ secrets safe.

The only way Group Office Hours works is when everyone commits to keeping one another's secrets safe. Confidentiality is what allows founders to open up and get the support they need. We all commit to maintaining the trust and confidentiality of the group.