Welcome to Disrupting Exploitation’s online toolkit Working with Education to Protect Children and Young people from Exploitation.


About the toolkit

This toolkit, created by the The Children's Society's Disrupting Exploitation Programme team in Greater Manchester with support from CLIMB and Prevention, is to help school staff develop an understanding of exploitation and how best to respond.

It was based on feedback from teachers, school-based work with young people and experience supporting children and families who are victims of child exploitation.

Get started with our toolkit

The toolkit is broken down into three sections:

Part 1: Training Hub

Key training videos produced across the organisation.

Part 2: Helpful documents

Key resources that will support schools and school staff in safeguarding children from exploitation.

Part 3: PHSE Sessions

Key resources to support PHSE sessions focused on safety, consent and raising awareness of exploitation in an age appropriate way.

Download your certificate

<aside> 🏆 We have produced a certificate for schools or individual school staff to download as a celebration of their learning journey through the toolkit. This also helps us know if the toolkit is being well used, and collate data on which schools are using these resources.



Get in touch

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