BACH is all about making it easy and fun to plan & book group travel. Starting first with BACHelorette parties. Our goal is to remove the headache so you don’t have to worry about anything but having an amazing time with your friends.

With over 80,000 parties using BACH each month to plan their party, we have over half a million users so far in 2022, a marketplace full of local businesses in the top 9 bachelorette party destinations and a team made up of 20 people making it all happen.

But why should you want to join us? Because now is the time. We’re small enough to be truly collaborative, have no bureaucracy and actually form true relationships with each other. At the same time, we’re large enough to have real impact on real people. We get messages every day from people who are obsessed with what we’re working on. And we’re building a team full of really smart people who give a sh**. We care about our work, we care about each other and we care about being proud of what we do & how we do it.


We’d all rather continue to work our butts off to grow fast enough to support our BACHers than hire people who aren’t going to love BACH just as much as we do. So we’ve tried to really take the time and share the truth about working here in this page. And we’ve even written each job description word by word, no copy and paste, so it sounds like an actual human...because it is! We hope you find something here you like. And if you don’t, pitch us your own role. We reach each and every response.

Our Open Roles (4)

Business Development

BACH Account Executive

Product Development

Lead Product Designer

Senior Software Engineer

Data & Strategy

BACH Data Insights Manager

Our People


Meet Mike,

A born hustler never interested in corporate America, instead opting into the addicting madness of e-commerce upstarts from day one. The most consistent, hard-working and just straight up honest founder I’ve ever worked with. Quick to get excited and bring the energy around a new expansion opportunity and just as quick to listen to others opinions in order for the team to implement it thoughtfully. Walks a faster timed mile than I’ll ever run. Lights up when he talks about his new wife, Jen, how Philly is the next tech city, and his surfing memories from his favorite spots in Costa Rica 🏄‍♂️

(written by Sarah)

Meet Sarah,

The brains, science, and most importantly the heartbeat behind BACH. Sarah started as a PM and evolved to COO all while battling cancer. She has the team’s back at all times. We look to Sarah for answers, trust her judgement, and view her as the coach when it comes to making tough decisions. Her management expertise is second to none. She was a foodie before it was cool. She loves sunshine, traveling, journaling, and maybe her dog Xolo a little too much.

(written by Mike)


Our Values