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Our Story

Let's face it: Canadian business news can be pretty dull.

Before The Peak, Canadian business coverage was dry, complicated and hard for even the most patient reader to get through, but we knew it didn't have to be that way. Canada is home to some of the most engaging and exciting business stories (Dapper Labs, anyone?!?)—they just needed to be told in a voice and format that modern business leaders would actually enjoy.

So that's what we did. We started The Peak to help Canada's modern business leaders get smarter and stay informed with news and content that's fast, entertaining, and digestible.

A year ago we launched our business newsletter. Now—between our daily newsletter, podcast, and social channels—we reach an audience of over 70,000 modern Canadian business leaders. And we're just getting started.


To make all this possible, we've brought together a diverse team of individuals passionate about making business news accessible, quick and, most importantly, fun.

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Perks & Benefits

🩺. Prescription, Dental & Vision

We offer generous prescription, dental and vision insurance coverage for employees and dependents.

🌴 Time Off

We want you to take time off to rest and rejuvenate. The Peak offers 10 days paid vacation as well as 9 observed holidays in country.

💸 Profit Sharing

The Peak shares 10% of its annual profits with team members who have a tenure longer than two years at the company.

👩‍🏫 Professional Development

Each year, you'll be entitled to a $500 personal development budget that you can use on books, courses or any resource that could make you better at your role.

We're backed by...

The Peak is profitable and backed by some of the biggest names in Canadian media and tech, as well as senior executives at Uber, Snapcommerce and Shopify.

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Open Roles

We're building a sharp, diverse, and enthusiastic team to help us tell the most interesting stories in Canadian and global business.


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