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“Ross Anderson is a journalist who is better respected among important people than he is among the lay, and I’m hoping that can change. … he’s done a huge and magnificent piece about the online, right-wing, gay commentator Dave Rubin, in Quillette. ” - Josh Szeps

“This from ⁦Ross on Kanye West’s latest meltdown is terrific. Recommended” - Eli Lake

"an incredible writer"; "A wonderful reporter named Ross Anderson ... wrote this up in an awesome piece" - Sarah Isgur

"My favorite film critic knocks it out of the park once again" - Chadwick Moore

“Fascinating work here by [Ross]” - Angel Eduardo

“the best description of Dave Rubin” - Cenk Uygur

“Revealing profile of [Dave Rubin] by [Ross Anderson]… Even if you're not especially interested in Rubin, [Ross’s] piece offers an interesting examination of how online radicalization happens.The profile is worth your time, insights into how and why online content spirals toward extremism and conspiracy-mongering.” - David Frum

"Very nice review!" - Jesse Singal

“A fascinating piece by [Ross]” - Iona Italia

“This profile of Dave Rubin by [Ross] is very good… I can see why he hates this” - Chris Kavanaugh

..."while lots of places have written something about Donda, hard to top [Ross's] ruthlessly fair assessment of maybe the most beguiling record of the year" - Armin Rosen

"Hats off to the reviewer who gets that my role model is Dr. Who" - Niall Ferguson

“You are a little rat”, “you fucking loser” - Dave Rubin

My Writing

‘All About Dave’: Quillette

The tragic rise of former liberal, comedian, and Angeleno, Dave Rubin


“To his friends, Rubin is loyal but sensitive about it. To strangers, he is charismatic and charming. And to those he disagrees with or who have slighted him, he is a vindictive, reactionary bully. As his friends privately admit, he is psychologically ill-equipped for the position in which he has found himself. The story of his meteoric rise to fame is, finally, a strangely tragic one. He is Faust’s Republican, the fallen clown, and the definition of the kind of elitist he has always most despised — hypersensitive, hyper-partisan, and failing upwards.”


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**********************************“What Happened To The IDW?” - Uncomfortable Conversations with Josh Szeps

A conversation with Josh Szeps on the Intellectual Dark Web, Dave Rubin, AI, prison reform, and much. Additional thoughts here

They’re Not Fake, They’re Better - The Spectator

The $1,250 ‘replica’ Jordans that are better than the real thing

Camp Crowder vs ‘Big Con’ - Tablet

Punk, Pearls, and a Raised Middle-Finger: the fashion legacy of Dame Vivienne Westwood - Substack

Punk, Pearls, and a Raised Middle-Finger


'Kanye West: Black Skinhead’: *Tablet Magazine*

The brilliance and ugliness, rise and fall, talent and “longest hatred” of Ye


“…his epistemic ADHD leaves him full of ideas with no means to parse them but his ego-driven instinct. Going by vibe and tone has lead to his phenomenal success in fashion and music – few are more original and influential – but precisely these same ingredients have rotted his politics, along with his personal and business life. Hasty, intransigent outbursts seemed to have harmed everything in his life, except his profile in the media. His antisemitic outbursts are but the ugliest face of that.

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“**********************************In for a Kanye, In for a Pound” - The Re-Education with Eli Lake

A conversation with Eli Lake on the brilliant, bigoted Kanye West. Additional thoughts here


**********************************“From Golden Girls Superfan to Right-Wind Culture Warrior: The Strange Journey of Dave Rubin” - The Quillette Podcast