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Ep. 47: In for a Kanye. In for a Pound

**********************************“In for a Kanye, In for a Pound” - The Re-Education with Eli Lake

A conversation with the brilliant, bigoted Kanye West. Additional thoughts here

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'Kanye West: Black Skinhead’: Tablet Magazine

The brilliance and ugliness, rise and fall, talent and “longest hatred” of Ye


“…his epistemic ADHD leaves him full of ideas with no means to parse them but his ego-driven instinct. Going by vibe and tone has lead to his phenomenal success in fashion and music – few are more original and influential – but precisely these same ingredients have rotted his politics, along with his personal and business life. Hasty, intransigent outbursts seemed to have harmed everything in his life, except his profile in the media. His antisemitic outbursts are but the ugliest face of that.