Workout Planner

I am certain that this template will help you with planning your workout routines in advance and staying consistent. Keep going :)
About this template

This workout planner consists of daily planner, water intake tracker, meal planner and monthly planner.
Daily Planner - You can use this template when you plan your workout one day ahead and it is amazing way to change your workouts
Water Intake Tracker - drinking water is very important, especially when you are actively moving around and that's why you shouldn't forget about it
Meal Planner - there are people that like their meals planned and that's for you! Especially, in this one you can switch between 2 modes which helps you with planning
Monthly Planner - this is for people who are more serious about their goals and routines and are able to keep with it. It also has 2 modes for easier manipulation

With every planner (except monthly) comes a button that can reset it all, so be cautious about it and don't forget to reset your to-do list every morning!


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