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Stay on top of your university life with this Notion page! This cute and handy template is your go-to for managing schedules and deadlines. As a fellow university student, I swear by it!
About this template

Welcome to University Hub! 🎓

This Notion template is designed to make your university life easier and more organized. Whether you're juggling classes, assignments, or extracurriculars, this hub has everything you need:

📅 Schedule: Keep track of important dates and deadlines at a glance. Never miss a deadline again!
⏰ Deadline Trackers: Stay on top of assignments and projects with a dedicated tracker that prioritizes tasks by deadlines, so you can stay focused.
📚 Class Schedule: See you class schedule at the top of the page.
🌟 Daily Habits Tracker: Form positive habits and track your progress. Stay motivated and productive every day.


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