Task Manager with Suggested Priority

The Task Manager with Suggested Priority is a revolutionary tool designed to simplify task management. It's perfect for every kind of users thanks to its automated features and clean tracking capabilities.
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This system is designed to be completely hassle-free, making it ideal even for the most unorganized student or worker. With automated sorting and prioritization, it takes the guesswork out of managing tasks. I am actively using it for both personal projects and for my employees.

Each day, you’ll be presented with a clearly ordered task list, starting with the highest priority tasks. This means you can start your day efficiently, knowing exactly what needs to be tackled first.

Urgency increases with the passing of days and contributes to the formula that generates a number based on the Task Impact and the number of uncompleted subtasks (Effort) and blocking/blocked tasks.
The Impact of the task defaults to Standard (0), but you can modify it to Low (-3) or High (3). These values can be adjusted by modifying the conversion property, which allows tailoring to specific needs.
Sorting by ascending suggested priority is extremely easy. You just need to click on the "Suggested Priority" column header and select "Sort Ascending". This will automatically rearrange your tasks based on their priority, starting with the highest priority at the top.

The included automations allow for the granularity of statuses and the practicality of the checkbox. They also set a completion time for tracking and analysis of completed tasks.
Everything about the tracking of the task is handled in the tracking property. This includes statuses ranging from "in time" and "overdue" to "completed" and "canceled". These are all based on the deadline and completion data properties.

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