Summer Internship Agenda

Your Internship Homebase is here! Track your projects and assignments, reflect on your daily work life, and track the value added to the company and your own growth!
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Internships are a lot. The sheer volume of responsibilities makes it hard to see the value you're adding to the projects you're working on, and you feel like you're not making the most of your internship experience. This comprehensive template is packed with databases and reflective exercises to support your time as an intern, and even get a job at the end of the season!

This template features:

- Daily Agenda Notebook:

- Keep track of your daily schedule, jot down your thoughts, questions, and observations, and reflect on your day-to-day experiences. This notebook is your personal space to stay organized and mindful throughout your internship.

- Unique Task List with Value Tracking:

- Manage your tasks efficiently with our task list that not only helps you keep track of your to-dos but also uniquely tracks the value you add to each project. See your contributions clearly and understand your impact on the organization.

- Integrated Calendar:

- Stay on top of your tasks and events with our easy-to-use calendar. Schedule your tasks, meetings, and deadlines, ensuring you never miss an important date.

- Goal Tracker for Internship Reflection:

- Set and track your internship goals. Reflect on your achievements and areas for improvement, helping you grow both professionally and personally throughout your internship journey.

- Contacts CRM with Follow-Up Reminders:

- Build and maintain professional relationships with our Contacts CRM. Keep track of important contacts and get reminders on when to reach out, ensuring you stay connected and build a valuable network.

- City Exploration Database:

- Make the most of your time in a new city! Curate a list of events, restaurants, and activities to help you explore and enjoy your surroundings. Balance work with leisure and make your internship experience unforgettable.

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