Story Planner and Worldbuilding Organizer

Story planner/worldbuilder designed for scifi & fantasy.

- Extensive worldbuilding sheets: geography, governments, languages, races, flora, fauna
- Detailed character sheets: bio, traits, arc, storyline
- Story planner: plot tracker, scene organizer, timeline

...and much more!
About this template

I was frustrated that so many story planners required a subscription, so I made my own! For free! :D

Note: This was designed with sci-fi and high fantasy in mind, but it can be adapted and customized to fit any story. It would also work well for screenwriting!


Detailed worldbuilding sheets for:
- Continents
- Regions
- Areas
- Cities and Towns

- Groups and Governments
- Occupations
- Languages

Flora and Fauna
- Races
- Creatures
- Plants

- Rules
- Lores and Legends
- Items

Story planning tools:
- Detailed character sheets: physical appearance, psychological traits, personality, character arc, flaws, strengths, relationships, and much much more!
- Outline plots and connect them with scenes
- Write out scene summaries and track your writing progress with useful tags
- Timeline tool
- Discover the themes and topics of your story through careful planning and connecting different elements

Easily Customizable
- Add your own categories and story elements
- Add on to worldbuilding sheets to fit your story


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