Transform your smart home experience with SmartHomeOS, the all-in-one dashboard designed for smart home enthusiasts who crave organization, efficiency, and control. Say goodbye to cluttered apps and disconnected devices—SmartHomeOS brings everything together, once and for all.
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Key Features

- Device Management

Keep track of all your smart devices in one place. Easily organize, monitor, and control everything from lights and thermostats to cameras and locks. SmartHomeOS ensures you’re always in control.

- Automations & Scenes Tracking

Create and manage custom automations and scenes that fit your lifestyle. Whether it’s setting the perfect mood for movie night or automating your morning routine, SmartHomeOS makes it simple and efficient.

- Troubleshoot Log

Never lose track of an issue again. Our Troubleshoot Log helps you document, diagnose, and resolve device problems quickly, ensuring your smart home runs smoothly.

- Room/Area Management

Organize your devices by room or area for a more intuitive control experience. See what’s happening in every part of your home at a glance, and manage devices where you need them most.

- Product Wishlist

Stay on top of the latest smart home technology. Keep a wishlist of products you want to add to your setup and track prices, reviews, and purchase dates.

- Idea Bank

Have a brilliant idea for your smart home? Store and organize all your innovative ideas in one place. From future automations to new device integrations, SmartHomeOS helps you bring your vision to life.

- Resources Hub

- Access a curated collection of guides, tutorials, and resources to help you get the most out of your smart home. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, our Resources Hub has something for you.

And More!

SmartHomeOS is packed with features to make your life easier and your home smarter. Discover new functionalities and integrations as we continually update and improve our platform.

Why SmartHomeOS?

- Streamlined Control: Manage everything from one centralized dashboard.
- Enhanced Organization: Keep your smart home setup neat and organized.
- Increased Efficiency: Automate tasks and routines for a smoother lifestyle.
- Stay Informed: Access resources and troubleshooting tips to maximize your smart home experience.

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