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A powerful, intuitive, mobile-friendly, and aesthetic Notion habit-tracking solution that feels and functions like a robust app. This template was designed to help you master consistency and take charge of your habits with minimal effort from the comfort of your home, or on the go. It seamlessly combines habits, routines, and a simple sleep tracker, and includes analytics, and charts to help you visualize your progress. Inside, you'll find advanced features like: - Quick Capture Dashboard: Easily log your habits and sleep on the go (mobile-friendly). - Analytics and insights: Visually track your total success rate, success rate per habit, daily progress, and average sleep time. - Notion Buttons: Quickly perform actions like "Mark all done" and "Add new day". - Configuration and Formula Helpers: A video and written step-by-step configuration and formula walkthrough with real-life examples to help you add or remove habits without any prior knowledge of Notion formulas. - Automation, Widgets, and Extensions: Supercharge your app with suggested tools. This template also comes with a step-by-step Product Tour and Tutorials along with free lifetime access to template updates and support.

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