Simple Expense Tracker

This simple tool is designed to help you monitor and manage your daily expenses easily within Notion. Follow these step-by-step instructions to get the most out of your tracker.
About this template

1. Navigating to Your Tracker:
- Once the template is in your workspace, click on the page titled `Simple Expense Tracker`.
2. Understanding the Columns:
- Date: The date on which the expense occurred.
- Category: This dropdown allows you to categorize your expense. Common categories include `Food`, `Rent`, `Transport`, `Utilities`, etc. You can also create new categories as needed by simply typing the name of your new category directly into the search bar and press `Enter`.
- Description: This column is for a brief description of what the expense was for. For example, "Dinner out", "Gasoline", or "Electricity bill".
- Amount: The monetary amount of the expense. Be sure to enter this in your local currency.
3. Adding a New Expense:
- Click on the "+" sign or just below the last entry in your table to add a new row.
- Fill in each column as appropriate for your new expense.
4. Deleting an Expense:
- To remove an expense, hover over the row you wish to delete.
- Click on the six dots that appear to the left of the row to select it.
- Press `Delete` on your keyboard, or right-click and select "Delete" from the context menu.
5. Viewing Monthly Expenses:
- Switch to the `Monthly Overview` view to see all expenses filtered by the current month.
- To create views for different months, you can duplicate this view and adjust the filter to the specific month and year you are interested in.


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