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SenzhSport COACH offers a flexible, structured way to manage all your coaching duties. Plan trainings, select and add drills, and ensure team-wide coordination. No more ad-hoc planning—achieve consistency and success with SenzhSport COACH, right in your pocket. Enjoy! ⚽
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SenzhSport COACH, offers you a flexible and structured way of managing all your duties as a coach. Plan your trainings, choose what drills will be on the training agenda, add new drills to your database and make sure all coaches for your team is on the same page, literally.

With SenzhSport COACH, you as a coach will never need to plan your trainings ad-hoc on the pitch, in a stressful manner.

Structure and consistency are some of the keys for a successful development of your team and club. Take control over your planning with SenzhSport COACH right in your pocket.

Enjoy! ⚽

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