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About this template

Crafted for developers and designers, this template allows you to beautifully present your skills, educational background, certifications, and standout projects. With easy customization and a professional layout, it’s designed to help you make a memorable impression on prospective employers.

Features Include:

Customizable Sections: Tailor your resume with sections for skills, education, certifications, and links like GitHub.
Professional Aesthetics: Designed to be visually appealing and easy to read.
Interactive and Editable: Modify and manage your resume directly within Notion.
Exporting as a PDF:

Finalize Your Resume: Ensure all information is accurate and well-arranged.
Open the Notion Template: Navigate to the upper-right corner and click the "..." (more options).
Select 'Export': Choose the PDF format from the export options. You can select the entire page or specific blocks.
Download the PDF: Once exported, the PDF of your resume is ready for printing or electronic submission, perfect for job applications.
This template not only enhances your professional presentation but also simplifies the process of maintaining an up-to-date resume. Ideal for the modern job market!

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