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Range is your friendly Notion planner that helps you manage your money with ease. Track income & expenses, manage assets and liabilities, and log daily transactions. Effortless budgeting, blooming finances. ✽
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Take control of your finances and watch your money blossom with Range.

Range Finances is your friendly Notion budget planner, designed to make managing your money a breeze. Whether you have experience budgeting or you're just starting out, Range will help you:

✣ Get organized: Keep your finances tidy with built-in Account and Transaction databases.

✣ Budgeting made easy: Categorize your income and expenses effortlessly with the integrated Budget Management system.

✣ Track your spending like a pro: Log daily transactions and see how they affect your accounts with the clear and simple Transactions Log.

✣ See your progress: Gain valuable insights into your financial health with the Financial Calculator and Metrics Board featuring six key metrics.

✣ Always growing: Get access to all future updates and improvements for your specific Range version (e.g., v1.0 grants access to updates v1.1 through v1.9).

If you're ready to blossom, get Range for financial planning and budgeting today.

~ a Blossom product, by youce.

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