Pulse Calendar

A weekly planner for Notion. Keep your life's schedule in order with 30+ pre-built templates for different activities of your day-to-day.
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Simplify your daily schedule and conquer your goals.

Pulse is a Notion planner + calendar system designed for busy creatives, neat freaks, supermums, and basically anyone who wants to take control of their time.

Here's what you get:

✣ Pre-built templates: Save time with 30+ event slots for workouts 🤸‍♂️, chores 👕, appointments 👱‍♀️, and more 🍻.
✣ Colour-coded categories: Stay visually organized with intuitive colour tags for different types of events.
✣ Recurring events: Easily set up routines and recurring activities.
✣ Intuitive control panel to manage your schedule with ease.
✣ Customizable views: Choose between calendar, to-dos, or appointment views.
✣ Free updates and future expansions: Get access to new features and improvements.

If you're ready to blossom, get Pulse today.

~ a Blossom product, by youce.

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