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Efficiently manage postmortems, track incidents, and improve team collaboration with comprehensive databases and detailed templates. Perfect for development companies and startups.
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Streamline Your Postmortem Management with Ease

Introducing Postmortem Tracker, a meticulously designed Notion template tailored for CTOs, Technical Leads, and developers who aim for organized and professional postmortem tracking. Perfect for development companies and product-focused startups, this template ensures seamless tracking of incidents, teams, and action items.

Key Features
- Comprehensive Database: Manage Postmortems, Teams, and Action Items in one place.
- Postmortem Templates: Includes two detailed templates for documenting incidents.
- Clear Visualization: Intuitive interface displaying team statuses, active postmortems, and task progress.
- Task Prioritization: Assign priority levels and deadlines to each corrective action.


- Enhanced Efficiency: Reduce the time spent on incident management and increase team effectiveness.
- Transparency and Collaboration: Facilitate seamless communication and tracking of assigned tasks across team members.
- Proactive Strategy: Quickly identify recurring issues and act before they escalate.

How It Works:

1.- Create a New Postmortem: Document each incident using the predefined templates.
2.- Assign Teams: Link each postmortem to a specific team.
3.- Define Action Items: Record corrective tasks, assign owners, and set deadlines.
4.- Monitoring: Keep constant track of the progress and resolution of all tasks.

Fully Integrated with Notion:

Leverage the full customization and adaptability of Notion to tailor the template to your specific needs.

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