Pool / Jacuzzi / Spa / Sauna

Track all your chemicals, levels, dumping, cleaning, usage, issues and much more.
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Welcome to the Pool / Jacuzzi / Spa / Sauna template. This Template is designed to track and store all your details in one place:

- Keep track of multiple Spas, Pools, and Saunas.
- Track issues with water or equipment.
- Keep track of service providers that sell to you or assist you.
- Track chemicals and their brands.
- Keep track of all your levels (pH, Alkalinity, Chlorine, etc.).
- Record every time you add chemicals.
- Track usage - How much are you using it? How many people have been in it?
- Record every time you have to dump or fill the water.
- Easily store instructions on what to do when you empty, fill, top up, clean, or test levels.
- Store all your documents, plans, and registration details in one place.
- Share with your partner or work colleagues.
- Comes with full video instructions.

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