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Personal trainer Notion template: track clients, workouts and business growth. Create workout and meal plans that can be assigned to your personal training clients. Have access to a number of fitness coaching exercises, workout tools and resources to elevate your coaching
About this template

A Notion template for personal trainers to manage their clients & grow their business & brand.

PRO COACH is a system designed to reduce the stress of personal training and give PTs a framework/tool they can use to expand their business. It makes it easier to manage existing clients and offers several tools to store your knowledge, upgrade your service, charge more, get more clients and build your brand.

Use with a free Notion account

Every aspect of the template can be adjusted to meet your specific coaching style/needs.

Perfect for in-person, online or hybrid personal trainers.

What's Included?

πŸ‘₯ Custom Client Pages

Track your client sessions, workouts, progress, targets/goals, hobbies, medical, contact and more.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Enhanced Coaching

Each client page has buttons to add additional tracking tools for nutrition/meal planning, weight loss/gain and cardio for any client need and to enhance your service.

πŸ“Š Fitness Tracking

Track the client's ability on each exercise and weight to monitor and celebrate their progress. See what muscle groups are weak and understand what exercises to focus on.

βœ… Workout & Recovery Builder

Easily design workouts and recovery routines from a library of 50 + existing exercises and 20 + stretches. Store exercise videos and photos, as well as record any notes on the exercise form or movement. You can also add client-specific workouts aimed at unique client targets/goals.

πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ Workout Plans

Don't use complicated spreadsheets. Build and share (using page URLs) workout/training plans directly with clients so they can understand timelines, objectives, expectations & more. Design any plan for achieving various goals (weight loss, muscle gain etc) that can be easily assigned to clients saving you time and effort.

πŸ₯™ Nutrition / Meal Plans

Use the ingredients library to create meals for your clients. Calories & macros are automatically calculated and these can then be added to clients meal plans to ensure they're hitting their calorie or protein targets each day.

🏦 Finance Tracker (Optional)

Manage your session invoices and track your income, expenses and profit easily using the fiance tracker. Choose between free/trial sessions, direct debit or standard invoice to manage your expected income for the month. Track your finances each month to see your business grow.

🧲 Growth / Leads

Use 8 different growth strategies and lead magnets to increase your client portfolio, add income streams and raise your hourly rate. Get more clients and make more money per client. Keep track of all your potential client leads so you never miss an opportunity to grow your portfolio.

πŸ“’ Social Media Manager

Build your brand and share your client success stories. Track your following across your different socials and organise your posts to ensure you're consistently growing your audience and brand.

🧠 Upskilling & Resources

25 + resources to increase your skills & knowledge around all the different areas of personal training. From rehabilitation to marketing. Track your capability in each of the different areas that make up a leading personal trainer.

πŸ’‘ Navigation & Tutorials

Easily navigate anywhere in the dashboard with the top menu buttons. Use the template WIKI and read useful tips and instructions on each of the sections if you get stuck.

πŸ“± Phone View + iPad Version

Additional page with layout optimised for mobile use. Find and complete workouts more easily using this dedicated page. Also comes with a version that is optimised for iPad use.

Also Included...

Also Included...

🌟 Continuous Improvement

I'm committed to your success. As Notion releases new features, you'll receive updates, ensuring your template has the best tools available. Check on the right to see what was included in the last update.

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