ODYSSEY: A Tour Company CRM

Odyssey, the Ultimate Tour Company CRM. Optimise tour operations with passenger management, task scheduling, destination planning, document filing, and finance tracking all in one convenient central hub.
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Welcome to Odyssey, an all-in-one Notion template tailored to Tour Companies, Tour Guides and Trip Leaders across the globe.

Streamline your tour operations with this comprehensive Notion template. From a detailed passenger manifest to trip reports and finances, this dashboard provides everything you need to organise, track, and optimise your tours efficiently.

Key Features:

Passenger Manifest: All of your passengers in one place. Check activity status, rooming lists and medication or dietary restrictions.

Destination Planner: Plan ahead of schedule the destinations and dates so you know where and when you'll be at any given time.

Trip Report: Stay accountable for your days with an easy trip log. Write up daily tasks and incidents for any discrepancies with tours.

Financial Planning: Keep within the budget and ensure that all of your expenses line up with a simple financial database. Track expenses and cash flow from activities.

Documentation: Find receipts, vouchers and other important documentation all within the template.

And More: From an Activity Organiser, Contact Database, and Detailed Checklists, Odyssey is the all-in-one Notion Template for Tour Guides and Tour Companies alike.

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