Namooya’s Holiday Planning

Ditch the spreadsheets and sticky notes! I used this page to plan a stress-free, unforgettable holiday - organize flights, pack smarter and track budgetsall in one place. ✈️✨️
About this template

This template is specialised for two destinations in one.
It can also easily be tailored to however many destinations are in your plan.
🌍 I have included an interactive Google Map that you can make your own and star to add to your phone for you to use while you sightseeing, going out and more.
📱There are spaces for your social media inspiration, I used these to fill in the
- Places to visit
- Activities
- Places to eat
- Nightlife
🛩️There is a space for all your flight details and even a handy last-minute packing list of the bits not to forget!

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