Lyubishchev Time Management

Improve time management efficiency, a day turns into 72 hours! 🚀
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Lyubishchev is a versatile scholar who has published over 70 academic works in his lifetime, covering multiple fields from dispersion analysis, biological taxonomy to entomology.

Use this template to greatly improve your time utilization through time recording and replay analysis.

"The most precious thing is life. But if you take a closer look at this life, it can be said that the most precious thing is time. Because life is composed of time, it is accumulated hour by hour, minute by minute."
— Lyubishchev

Lyubishchev Time Management Notion Template Features:
Time recording: Record the time of each task.
Goal management: Manage the goals to be achieved.
Daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports: Track the proportion of different categories of time, and improve your time management through replay.

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