Use LinkedIn as a cold reach-out platform to close your first or next 5 customers by keeping tabs on the status of every prospect in your funnel.
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The LinkedIn Sales CRM is a tracker to help you do tailored prospect reach-outs. Yes, automations like LinkedIn Helper or Expandi exist, but you need to learn and customise every reach-out, not just blindly connect without context. Do the thing that doesn’t scale consistently, even if it takes longer… You will learn & grow the most that way. This template will even get you started with 3x highly converting messaging templates for each stage of your LinkedIn Sales funnel. Adapt them and you are ready to go. The database automatically calculates your connect and reply percentage as well as your average time to get connected or calls scheduled, so you know where to improve your cold reach-out procedure.

How to use FOUNDERS LinkedIn Sales CRM for $0?
[1] Get 1 month of Premium for FREE.
[2] Define your ideal prospect's job.
[3] Search by that + 3rds + anything.
[4] Open each prospect, scan their profile & copy-paste URL + about.
[5] Connect with a tailored offer.
[6] Track connect % & reply %.
[7] Keep track of follow-ups with no more than 3 done per connected.

» The goal: schedule calls. «

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