Movie Tracker

Stay organized and keep track of all the movies you watch with this comprehensive Notion template. Easily log movies with details like title, genre, release date, rating, and personal reviews. Use built-in filters and views to sort your movies.
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Movie Tracker

Transform your movie-watching experience with this all-in-one Movie Tracker Notion Template. Designed for cinephiles and casual viewers alike, this template offers a streamlined way to manage and track your film collection.

Key Features:
Easily Add New Movie Entries: Quickly input new movies with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Add essential details like title, genre, release date, director, cast, and more with ease.

Assign Ratings: Rate each movie you watch on a scale, helping you remember which films you loved and which ones were less impressive. This feature allows you to maintain a personalized rating system tailored to your preferences.

Organize by Genres, Actors, and Types: Keep your collection neat and categorized. Easily sort movies by genres such as action, comedy, drama, horror, etc., or by types including documentaries, anime, and feature films. Additionally, you can organize by actors, directors, or any other criteria important to you.

Reflections Section: Each movie entry includes a dedicated space for your thoughts and reflections. Write down your impressions, favorite scenes, memorable quotes, and any other personal notes. This feature helps you keep a detailed journal of your movie-watching journey.

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