GTD System

A template for managing personal files and work tasks.
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Getting things done (GTD) is one of the most popular personal productivity systems out there. Developed by David Allen, the first version of the book of the same title was published in 2001, and after 20 years, we can safely say the system has survived the test of time.

The tagline for the framework is “the art of stress-free productivity” and it offers a set of tools, techniques, and productivity recommendations.

Using the GTD system should help you to be more relaxed at work, accomplish more, be more creative, and keep track of everything crucial, namely all the relevant things in your work and personal life.

In summary, the main idea of the GTD system is to record everything relevant (tasks, interests, projects, other relevant information) in one’s mind by capturing it on paper or digitally, and then breaking the items down into actionable work items.

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