Workout Planner

Workout Planner, dive into the world of fitness and revolutionize your fitness routine. Organize your workouts by exercise types such as muscle building, cardio, and more, with detailed visual galleries for each day.
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- Exercise Organization: Categorize exercises into types such as muscle building, endurance, cardio, etc., for efficient planning.

- Exercise Details Entry: Enter exercise name, representative photo, exercise type, repetitions, sets, weight, and any extra notes for comprehensive workout planning.

- Weekly Planning: Plan workouts for each day of the week from Monday to Sunday, including exercise details and instructions specific to each day.

- Visual Exercise Gallery: Access exercises by type in a visual gallery format, with details including exercise name, photo, reps, sets, and weights visible for easy reference during workouts.

- Customizable Instructions: Add instructions for each day to provide guidance and reminders for specific workout routines or considerations.

- User-Friendly Interface: Navigate through the tool effortlessly with a simple and intuitive interface, supported by a dedicated help section for any questions or confusion.

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