TDP - The Daily Practice

TDP - The Daily Practice - Master Your Day: The Ultimate Daily Practice Tool!

TDP - The Daily Practice is a task management tool that categorizes tasks into three lists: "Must Be Done," "Need to Do," and "Want to Do.".
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- Productivity Framework: TDP, or The Daily Practice, is a task management framework designed to enhance productivity, ensure timely completion of tasks, and promote active task management.

- Three Task Lists: Organize tasks into three lists: MUST BE DONE, NEED TO DO, and WANT TO DO, each serving a distinct purpose in prioritizing and managing tasks effectively.

- Priority-based Organization: Tasks are automatically prioritized within each list, with MUST BE DONE tasks being of high priority and requiring immediate attention, NEED TO DO tasks scheduled for a distant due date, and WANT TO DO tasks offering personal flexibility but lower priority.

- Progress Tracking: Monitor task progress with pending and done status indicators for each task within the lists, allowing for easy tracking of completed tasks and ongoing responsibilities.

- User-Friendly Interface: Navigate the framework effortlessly with a user-friendly interface, supported by a dedicated help section for any questions or confusion.

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