Personal Relationship Manager

From friends to clients, the Personal Relationship Manager is your all-in-one solution for cultivating meaningful connections - manage contacts, schedule meetings, schedule greetings on occasions and more effortlessly.
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- Comprehensive Relationship Management: Keep track of all your relationships with ease using a powerful personal relationship manager.

- Categorized Contacts: Organize contacts into categories such as best friend, friend, family, and colleague for easy segmentation and management.

- Profession Management: Assign contacts to their respective professions, allowing for efficient organization and communication.

- Occasion-based Greetings: Schedule greetings for special occasions to stay connected with your network, ensuring meaningful interactions and maintaining relationships.

- Meeting Organization: Plan and track meetings with agenda, date, time, status, attendees, and end notes, keeping you organized and prepared for productive as well as casual discussions.

- Dynamic Filtering: Filter contacts and meetings by categories, professions, dates, and other parameters to quickly find the information you need.

- Visual Meeting Overview: View today's, tomorrow's, and next 2 months' meetings in the all meetings section, with next month's meetings separated for easy planning.

- Recent Meetings Recap: Stay updated with a recap of recent meetings, including agenda, attendees, date, time, and end notes, keeping you informed and engaged.

- User-Friendly Interface: Navigate effortlessly through the tool with a user-friendly interface, supported by a dedicated help section for any questions or confusion.

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