NoFap Tracker

NoFap Tracker - From Addiction to Freedom: Transform Your Life

Break free from the grip of porn addiction and take charge of your journey to recovery with the NoFap Tracker.
About this template

- Supportive Recovery Tool: Take control of your journey towards sexual self-improvement with a simple yet powerful tracker designed to assist in overcoming porn addiction and compulsive sexual behaviors.

- Effort Tracking: Log your current effort, start date, and status (going hard or lapsed) to monitor your progress and stay accountable.

- Easy Status Updates: Update your status to lapsed if needed, enter the end date, add remarks, and track your journey with ease.

- NoFap Table: Enter all details into the NoFap Table for easy reference and management of your efforts.

- Detailed Status View: View your attempts categorized by status (going hard and lapsed), with each entry displaying name, dates, remarks (if added), and total days, weeks, months, quarters, and years automatically calculated to keep you motivated and aware of your achievements.

- Encouraging Environment: Utilize the supportive resources of, including peer support, forums, information, and software, to foster a safe, inclusive, and welcoming online community dedicated to sexual self-improvement.

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