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Movie Tracker - Lights, Camera, Organize: Your Personal Movie Vault Awaits! From must-see to re-watchable classics, organize your cinematic adventures with ease.
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- Organized Movie Management: Take control of your movie collection with an intuitive tracker designed to categorize films by genres and track essential details.

- Genre Organization: Easily classify movies into various genres for efficient organization and quick access to your favorite film types.

- Comprehensive Movie Details: Enter movie name, poster, plot summary, selected genres, release year, watch status, re-watchability, watched date, personal rating, and additional details.

- Flexible Filtering Options: Filter movies by year, genres, re-watchability, ratings, and more to find the perfect film for any occasion.

- Visual Movie Gallery: Enjoy a visually pleasing display of movies categorized by watch status, with posters, names, release years, plot details, and genres readily visible for easy browsing.

- User-Friendly Interface: Navigate seamlessly through your movie collection with a user-friendly interface that provides quick access to all essential information and features.

- Effortless Updates: Update movie details and track your viewing progress with ease, ensuring your movie tracker stays up-to-date with your latest cinematic experiences.

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