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Habit Maker - Habit Mastery Simplified: Transform Your Life

Elevate your habits, elevate your life: Habit Maker's innovative approach to habit formation and breaking ensures sustainable personal growth.
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- Create and Break Habits: Take control of your lifestyle with a tool designed to help you form new habits and break bad ones.

- Simple Habit Setup: Enter the habit name and set the start date to kickstart your journey towards positive change.

- Status Tracking: Monitor your progress with status options including "yet to start," "forming," "formed," or "failed."

- Automatic Calculation: Stay on track effortlessly with total days calculated automatically based on your start and habit formed or failure dates.

- Daily Habit Tracking: Record your daily progress by selecting currently forming habits and today's date, ensuring consistent habit formation.

- Failure Reporting: If you miss a day, enter remarks for failure and update the failure information for specific habits, keeping you accountable.

- Comprehensive Habit Views: Easily navigate through different sections to view current habits, habits yet to start, habits formed, and habits failed, providing a holistic view of your progress.

- Habit Board: Get a comprehensive overview of all habits by status on the habits board, facilitating easy monitoring and management.

- Help Section: Access a dedicated help section for guidance whenever needed, ensuring a smooth and intuitive user experience.

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