Books Manager

Effortlessly organize all your books in one place, track your reading progress, prioritize your next reads, categorize by book genres, and lots of other features with an intuitive Books Manager.
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- Take control of your reading journey with Books Manager

- Organize your reading experience effortlessly with dedicated sections for authors, books, genres, and summaries.

- Dive into the world of your favorite authors by exploring their details, including photos and quick info, along with their book details.

- Discover new reads by exploring genres and adding them to your books, making it easier to find exactly what you're looking for.

- Keep track of each book's details, including cover photo, reading status, total pages, reading priority, and your personal rating out of 10.

- Stay on top of your reading progress with automatic calculation of the percentage of the book read and total days to finish based on total pages, total pages read, reading start and end dates respectively.

- Enjoy the convenience of keeping book summaries, complete with cover photo, author name, book name with the summary text.

- Easily manage your reading list by updating book statuses from "plan to read" to "reading" or "read," along with updating total pages read and reading end dates.

- Stay organized with separate sections for currently reading books, book summaries, books gallery, plan to read books, all books catalogue, authors catalogue, and authors gallery.

- Whether you're a casual reader or a book enthusiast, this Books Manager is your ultimate companion for a well-organized reading experience!

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