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Track the formula 1 races with this template made for Notion!

Add Drivers, Teams, Races and Circuits, follow the action of each race. Write down the results and see how the statistics are updated and showed in your dashboards.
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Here's what our Formula 1 Season Tracker offers you:

Effortless Race Tracking: Track races for any season effortlessly. Simply add the year, the month, input race details, and watch as the season unfolds before your eyes.

Comprehensive Race Pages: Dive deep into the details of each race with carefully designed pages using linked databases views. From race locations and circuits to podium finishes, everything you need to know is right at your fingertips.

Team and Driver Pages: Keep tabs on your favorite drivers and teams with dedicated pages that allow you to track achievements and record the latest news.

Interactive Kanban Board: Track race progress with ease using the interactive Kanban Board. Move race cards from "Not Started" to "In Progress" to "Finished" as the season progresses, giving you a clear overview of the action at a glance.

Fan Notes Page: Store news, updates, and your thoughts on the latest races and events with our Fan Notes page.

Additionally, this template includes a comprehensive guide and a video clip that shows you how to enter circuits, races, and their results.

Start enjoying Formula 1 to the fullest!
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