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This template is designed to organize and share valuable resources and insights from an adult perspective on Autism and ADHD. It aims to provide a structured and user-friendly way to access/track information that can aid in understanding and managing these conditions.
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Quick Resources: The template provides a collection of immediate resources for individuals seeking information on Autism/ADHD and related disorders.
Personal Tools: It includes a section on personal tools used by the creator, offering insights into practical aids for managing these conditions.
Trackers: It includes different trackers for appointments, tasks and medication that can be personalised.
Self-Assessment: There are links for online tests to help visitors assess whether they might have Autism or ADHD.
Support Message: A reassuring note that you are never alone, aiming to provide comfort to those feeling isolated.
Country-Specific Resources: The template lists resources available in Hungary and the UK, with language-specific materials for users from these countries.
User Contributions: Visitors can submit resources they find valuable. Visitors can add relevant links, articles, or local support groups etc.

This template is designed to be a growing resource, indicating that more content and tools will be added over time to assist adults with Autism/ADHD. It’s structured to be user-friendly and supportive, with easy navigation to various sections. Whether you’re just starting to learn about these conditions or looking for specific tools, this template aims to provide valuable information and support.

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