Debt Repayment Planner

Track your debts and repayments in real time, use the buttons to add a debt or add a payment then watch your debts update in the debt management tracker.
About this template

Take control of your finances effortlessly with our Debt Management Tracker Template for Notion. Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, this template streamlines your debt tracking process with a user-friendly two-step design.

Key Features:

Quick Debt Addition:

Easily add new debts with a single click. Our intuitive button allows you to input essential details such as the debt amount, debt type and priority.

Effortless Payment Tracking:

Keep track of your payments seamlessly. Another straightforward button lets you record new payments against your listed debts.

How It Works:

Step 1: Add New Debt
Click the "Add New Debt" button.
Enter the debt details including amount, debt type and priority of debt.

Step 2: Add New Payment
Click the "Add New Payment" button.
Select the debt and input the payment amount.

Automatically Updates: This template automatically calculates and updates the total amount paid and the remaining balance for each debt. A comprehensive database below the buttons provides a clear and organised view of your debts, ensuring you stay on top of your financial obligations with minimal effort.


User-Friendly: No complicated setups or lengthy forms. Just two simple steps to manage your debts efficiently.

Real-Time Tracking: Instantly see how much you’ve paid and what you still owe.

Organised and Clear: The structured database helps you maintain a clear overview of your financial situation.

Take the first step towards financial freedom with our Debt Management Tracker Template for Notion. Simplify your debt tracking process today!

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